Meet your dedicated Encore team

Meet your dedicated Encore team

Encore is a veterinary-led organization, founded by a DVM and led by a DVM. We built Encore because we felt that the needs of the veterinary industry were not being met by corporate medicine. With decades of experience, our team has an intimate understanding of veterinary transition — we know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Our Vision

To be renowned for unrivaled professional development and operational support that positively influences the well-being of people, the health of practices, and the integrity of the profession.

Our Vision:

To partner with practice leaders to support and develop the people who deliver veterinary care.

Our Encore Team Members


  • put people first.
  • have a strong commitment to those who provide veterinary care.
  • are a community of veterinary hospitals and leaders.
  • share a passion for the profession.
  • give vets a chance for their legacy to live on.
  • provide collective resources to help lead your team forward.
  • believe in supporting the health and welfare of people through the health of their pets.

Learn more about the team below and how each one of us supports you in your encore.