C Graves Photo

Carley Graves
Event and Office Manager

Carley has a passion for organizing and creating memorable experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for multitasking, she excels in coordinating events that leave a lasting impression on attendees. Growing up, her dream job was to become a wedding event planner, so she has followed in those footsteps! Beyond her professional life, Carley indulges in the art of thrifting, where she uncovers hidden gems and unique treasures that add character to her surroundings.

In addition to her love for thrifting, Carley is a devoted cat enthusiast, sharing her home with three adorable felines. She finds joy in their playful antics, comforting purrs, and companionship. As a proud cat mom, Carley ensures her fur babies receive the best care and attention, creating a warm and loving environment for them to thrive in. With her creative flair, organizational skills, and love for her cats, Carley brings a unique blend of passion and dedication to everything she does.

Did You Know...

Carley has been to Disney World over a dozen times and plans on going on many more magical trips.