Inspiring the spirit & effectiveness of veterinary teams

Inspiring the spirit & effectiveness of veterinary teams

Encore Performance Academy

The Encore Performance Academy offers leadership and professional education courses designed to grow leaders and build stronger practices. Throughout your training with Encore, you’ll brainstorm with fellow practice leaders, troubleshoot problems as a group, and participate in unique roleplays to put what you’ve learned into practice.

New! Encore + VetSupport

Encore’s VetSupport division takes training & subject matter expertise a step further. COGS trending a bit high? Staff labor need attention? Our VetSupport division doesn’t just give prescriptive advice, they work shoulder-to-shoulder with practice leaders to craft action plans and execute strategies to help our hospitals run more efficiently and effectively. Their quantitative minds can see insights in your data & analytics that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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Culture is a reflection of the quality of leadership.

Michelle Winter, Vice President of Operations

Meet Michelle Winter, Leader of the Encore Performance Academy

Michelle Winter, CVT, CVPM, CVJ runs the Encore Performance Academy and strives to continually provide opportunities to strengthen people, teams, and practices. Michelle has experience managing practices, consulting, and speaking nationwide. Most notably, she is known for creating and managing the Patterson Veterinary University educational programs.

Business & leadership training:
empowering your mindset, equipping your skillset


Our approach to training begins with improving your leadership skills and transforming your mindset. These courses are in-person at our home office in Saratoga Springs, NY:


Influential leadership

Define core cultural influencers including a meaningful vision and mission, which allow influential leadership to take hold.


Strategic leadership

Perform a gap analysis between your practice’s current state and its defined vision, then determine strategies to close that gap.


Developing leaders

With influential and strategic leadership activities in motion, other leaders have an opportunity to take ownership of important functions and projects. These rising leaders learn the benefits of 360° leadership.


Inventory management

Spending 20% of the practice revenue on products should come with education. Gain confidence and knowledge for leading this important function. Inventory management is much more than ordering and receiving products!


Safety training

Onsite training allows one-on-one interactions with your safety coordinator and a safety consultant. With guidance, develop standards to confidently lead safety in your practice and to be ready should OSHA come knocking.


Doctor communication

Positive communication enhances patient care and encourages a deeper veterinarian-client-patient relationship. It is also the cornerstone to building a more confident, resilient, and effective hospital team.

Continued support well beyond the classroom

Training doesn't end when you finish class. You'll continue to receive operational support for as long as you need it. Brenda Medina, our Director of Practice Success & VetSupport, has worked with Michelle for years, and what Michelle teaches in the classroom is supported by Brenda's role in operational support for our practices. Practice support calls happen regularly, and Brenda continues to influence positive leadership and culture as she coaches our practice leaders.

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I cannot express how grateful I am to of been given the opportunity to be part of the Influential Leadership course. I am a better teammate & leader because of it. Having leaders like the trainers is something I haven't experienced until finding Encore. Before even starting with Encore, I already felt like ‘this is way too good to be true’, but that thought has been continuously proven false day after day.

Ali Harkey, Practice Manager
Mint Hill Animal Hospital

ali harkey