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It's time to start your encore

It's time to start your encore

Choosing to sell your practice is a big decision. You care about what happens to your team, clients, and practice after the transition. At Encore Vet Group, we have a passion for the veterinary profession and a commitment to the people who care for pets. We’ll give you the resources and support to take your practice to new levels while retaining your brand, autonomy, and the legacy you’ve built.

A transparent & thoughtful partnership process


Connect with us
When you reach out, you’ll connect with a dedicated Encore specialist and talk about your goals for your hospital. A big part of our decision to pursue a partnership comes from finding practices with a philosophy that matches our own.


Explore the opportunities

We’ll use this time to get to know one another and begin to evaluate the opportunity to build a successful partnership. We’ll discuss what it’s like to be an Encore practice and review the many resources and training opportunities that will be available to you and your team.


Decide to partner
When we’ve mutually decided how to proceed with the purchase of your practice, we’ll decide on a partnership day that works for everyone. We have the ability to be nimble and efficient with our process due to our collective experience.


Join our family
We'll help you deliver the right communications to your team to give them peace of mind during the transition. We know this is an important step, and we’ve done our homework to make sure it's easy. There’s a lot to look forward to when you join Encore, so we’ve organized all our offerings to make partnering with us fun!


When you join Encore,
you join a community

When you partner with Encore, you join a community of veterinary practices who collaborate, share ideas, and work together for the betterment of the profession. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other practice leaders through education sessions, video calls, our instant messaging forum, phone calls, and visits!


What changes when
I sell to Encore?

There will be some change when you sell your practice. For instance, we’ll relieve you of accounting duties, provide HR support, and help you with marketing. Yet, your hospital’s brand and the way you do medicine will stay the same so you can practice medicine your way and continue your legacy.


We are here to help guide your decision- to protect you, your clients, your patients, team, and legacy.

Bo Iler, President & Chief Executive Officer


Ready for your Encore? Find out if Encore is the right place for you.

We partner with like-minded veterinarians. If you care what happens to your team and want to be involved with ensuring your hospital’s continued growth after the transition, you’ve come to the right place. We take care of your team with excellent benefits, professional development and a culture that encourages work-life balance. Furthermore, we don’t just hope you’ll stay involved after the sale — we encourage it. We’ve found that when you remain invested in your hospital’s future, it sets the foundation for continued success and makes for a smoother transition.

...or give us a call at (518) 633-1047