Stevie Tripple
HR Business Partner

Stevie has worked in both the Veterinary and Recruiting fields for over 10 years. She has served in many roles including Office Manager, Front End Supervisor, Veterinary Tech Assistant and Onsite Recruiter.

As a person who enjoys working with both humans and animals, she couldn’t think of a better way to showcase her knowledge, skills, and expertise than becoming an HR Business Partner in the veterinary industry.

Stevie was born and raised in Utah where she graduated for the University of Utah with her bachelor’s degree in Communication. She has 3 lazy couch potatoes (a Greyhound and 2 Borzoi) and 2 cats. When she is not working, she enjoys participating in AKC competitions with her 2 Borzoi: Conformation, Rally and FastCat. She also enjoys reading Science Fiction novels, binge-watching horror movies, and spending her time volunteering with her local animal shelter where she also fosters dogs in need.

Did You Know...

Stevie’s 3-year-old Borzoi, Ginny, is currently placed 6th in the Nation for FastCat, where they compete with a timed 100-yard run chasing a lure. Her average speed is 31 MPH!