Laura Bresiger
Leadership Success Coach

Laura is a passionate veterinary professional with over 10 years of experience in the field. She stumbled upon veterinary medicine as a CSR but quickly realized that it was her calling. Throughout her career, Laura has served as a practice manager at one of Encore’s veterinary practices in Northern Kentucky, where she has developed a deep understanding of the industry and a keen eye for effective practice management.

Laura’s mission is to support and mentor practice leaders in achieving their goals while also empowering their teams and creating a positive culture within the practice.

Laura enjoys spending time with her family and pets when she’s not working. She resides in Northern Kentucky with her husband Tom, daughter Emma, and three kitty cats.


Did You Know...

In a former life, Laura was a flute player that has played in some amazing venues across the country and in England and Scotland. She can still carry a tune 😊