Welcome to Our Blog

We built Encore Vet Group with you in mind. Our commitment is to bring like-minded veterinary leaders together in a community that champions positive culture and high-quality medicine. We believe that practice success doesn’t happen without these key ingredients.

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We are proud of our accomplishments, especially those that help our hospitals maintain the culture and atmosphere of a private practice while gaining access to collective resources to lead their teams forward and shape their future. We support you and your team with resources and professional guidance, so you keep doing what you love – caring for animals.

Our vision of putting people first has become our mission because when you put people first, everything else gets better: client service, the medicine, and the success of the practice.

We are excited to start a blog where we can share stories about our great teams, their achievements, and what makes them unique.  I invite you to follow along and watch us grow.

Ted Sprinkle, DVM

Chief Executive Officer