Transformative Culture: Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills

In the beginning of 2021, Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills started their journey to transform their culture. Eve Hughes, the Practice Manager, spent her days and nights brainstorming how she could make a positive impact in the practice. Since culture is a team sport, she collaborated with the team to create a mission, vision and set of values.

Improving culture can be challenging. Sometimes, that means hiring new team members who enhance the vibe of your practice. Shawnee Hills embraced their vibe and attracted amazing new team members to their tribe! They now have a super collaborative working environment, with positivity at the forefront of all that they do.

The new seasoned RVT’s on the team have been key to the transformative culture, acting as a bridge between the front and back working teams. Everyone on the team actively chooses to make Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills great every day – as a practice and as a culture!

What is the team up to now?

  • Dr. Bridget Bickers is the newest DVM and started on 3/12!
  • The CSR team has been working through a CSR Bootcamp to help solidify positive client interactions and working as a team effectively

Tip for staying positive through workplace change:

Eve at Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills has been making an effort to ensure all of her team members feel appreciated and that all of their ideas are valued. This helps keeps her tribe feeling empowered to better service clients and patients every day!