The Power of Externships

Launching Careers in Veterinary Medicine

At Encore Vet Group, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of veterinary professionals! Our externship program, available at many of our practices, is designed to provide invaluable hands-on learning experiences and pave the way for future employment opportunities. One shining example of the program’s success is Dr. Ali Pryor at The Pet Hospital of Granbury.

Dr. Scott McCall, Medical Director at The Pet Hospital of Granbury, shares, “We have always worked to maintain a good relationship with students who are interested in veterinary medicine or those who are already in veterinary school. Our local high school has a Career and Technology Program through the Agriculture Department. Through this program, high school students can obtain training towards becoming a certified veterinary assistant when they graduate from high school. We work with those high school students by providing both job shadowing and part-time employment during the school year and summers as schedules allow.”

The commitment to fostering young talent extends beyond high school students. “Several of those high school students have continued to work here and become key full-time employees at our practice. One of them has even gone on through college and veterinary school to become a practicing veterinarian. (We’re still working on enticing her back to Granbury)!” Dr. McCall adds.

Our externship program also collaborates with veterinary schools to provide summer employment and 4th-year externships. Dr. Pryor is a testament to the power of this program. “Dr. Ali Pryor became acquainted with our practice through Encore’s Externship Program. She spent 2 weeks with us at the beginning of her 4th year and then another 2 weeks with us towards the end of her 4th year. She was such a great fit for our practice that we offered her a full-time associate position, and she is now an integral part of our team.

Dr. Pryor’s journey highlights the mutual benefits of our externship program. “The externship program allowed us to get to know her, help her develop critical hands-on and problem-solving skills, and develop a feel for our practice. In return, she was able to see how our practice functions and how we all work together toward the common goal of helping pets and their people. We couldn’t be happier with the program and with Dr. Pryor’s contributions to our team.

Our externship program is not limited to The Pet Hospital of Granbury. Many of our practices host externs, providing them with opportunities to gain practical experience, develop essential skills, and build lasting relationships. If you’re interested in learning more about our externship program and how it can lead to a rewarding career, visit our externship webpage!