The Power of Associate Practice Managers

Associate Practice Managers play a pivotal role in veterinary hospitals! We believe it’s time to shine a spotlight on these exceptional individuals who bring their dedication, expertise, and leadership to elevate the standards of veterinary care and celebrate their invaluable contributions to their practices!


Celebrating Courteney Coughlin at CityPaws Animal Hospital – 14th Street

Let’s give a big round of applause for Courteney Coughlin, the Associate Practice Manager at CityPaws Animal Hospital 14th Street! Courteney has been a valuable member of the CityPaws team for seven years, and her dedication and hard work have propelled her into a management role.

Starting as a CSR in 2016, Courteney quickly showed her potential by moving into different roles, including VA and CSR Supervisor. Her hard work and persistance paid off when she was appointed Associate Practice Manager in November 2022.

Courteney loves working with Larry, the Practice Manager at both CityPaws locations, and has enjoyed the transition into her new role. Her passion for working with people and animals is evident, and she is grateful for the support she receives from Carol, her Leadership Success Coach, and everyone at Encore.

One of Courteney’s recent projects has been addressing scheduling challenges for both CityPaws locations. Her experience as a CSR and CSR Supervisor has been particularly helpful in developing a new CSR training manual! This has been a valuable resource for new hires who join their team.

Courteney’s customer service experience has been invaluable as the Associate Practice Manager. Her time working as a server and bartender has taught her how to handle complex interactions with clients and employees calmly and patiently. Courteney is proud to work alongside her colleagues and admires how everyone works together in chaotic situations.

Thank you Courteney, for your hard work and dedication to CityPaws Animal Hospital 14th Street. Your team is lucky to have you!


Cheers to Andra Kite: the Powerhouse Behind Winterville Animal Care!

Andra has been an unstoppable force since stepping up as Associate Practice Manager in January 2022. She fearlessly speaks her mind, challenges the status quo, and puts the team’s well-being above all else!

With a thirst for knowlegde, Andra has rocked Leadership classes and even aced the PM Bootcamp. She’s constantly growing and bringing fresh ideas to the clinic, keeping things exciting and innovative.

Andra’s leadership is a game-changer. She’s saved the day on numerous occasions, and the whole team at Winterville Animal Care stays strong and moves forward under her guidance. Thanks to her, others have stepped up and taken on more responsibilities. She has also helped allow Crystal, the Practice Manager, to manage two practices better!

Andra is also a master at fostering unity. Those tough conversations? She handles them like a pro, bringing the team closet together with her diplomacy skills.

She’s a true rockstar in the world of veterinary management!