The Mecca for Externships

Grace Animal Hospital

At Grace Animal Hospital, in Lexington, SC, hands-on learning and mentorship are not just buzzwords—they’re foundational pillars of the educational experience they offer. They are proud to be recognized as a premier destination for veterinary externships, providing invaluable experiences to the next generation of veterinary professionals.

Dr. Tim Loonam, a seasoned veterinarian at Grace Animal Hospital, vividly recalls his own externship experiences that shaped his career. “I can remember vividly the first time a veterinarian allowed me to bandage a horse’s leg during an externship. I also remember how great it felt the first time another veterinarian asked my opinion on how I would treat a case and why. These experiences were so impactful to me as a veterinary student. I promised myself I would never forget those experiences and have applied that to well over 100 veterinary and vet tech students in my practices since I graduated in 2000. We’ve made that part of our culture at Grace Animal Hospital too.

Dr. Haley Hunt, who started her journey as an extern at Grace Animal Hospital, emphasizes the welcoming and nurturing environment that the hospital provides. “The experiences and mentorship I gained from Dr. Loonam were unmatched when I would return to school,” she reflects. “The extern experience was a welcoming and safe environment to ask questions and to be challenged.” Now, as a seasoned veterinarian at Grace, Dr. Hunt finds joy in guiding the next generation of externs. “I enjoy seeing concepts they learn in the classroom ‘click’ in practice, providing a safe environment where they can ask questions and are excited to return to school to share what they have learned outside of the classroom.” The team at Grace Animal Hospital believes that real-world experience is crucial for the development of veterinary professionals.

Through Encore’s externship program, externships are designed to offer students a hands-on approach to learning, ensuring they receive the guidance and support they need to excel. By fostering a supportive and challenging environment, we help students translate classroom knowledge into practical skills, preparing them for successful careers in veterinary medicine. Visit our Externship webpage to learn more about Encore’s Externship opportunities and read testimonials from former externs!