Rising Above

Hoboken’s Inspiring Journey


In the face of numerous challenges, the veterinary team at Hoboken Vets Animal Clinic has transformed adversity into triumph. From facility issues to a lack of DVM’s and staff, they faced it all. However, through resilience and a united spirit, they have turned the tide. Let’s explore the highlights of their remarkable turnaround!

Overcoming Hurdles

Hoboken Vets Animal Clinic encountered a series of obstacles, including facility problems, communication gaps, and a shortage of skilled personnel. The team faced everything from lost AC in a heatwave to having the hospital flood and no phone usage for 2 months, leaving them in a tough spot. However, they didn’t let these setbacks deter them. They took it as an opportunity to grow and improve!

A New Culture

With determination and teamwork, the team embarked on a transformative journey. Hoboken held an All Staff meeting addressing staff concerns, doctor concerns, practice manager concerns, financials, protocols that weren’t working, workflows that needed to change, and of course processes they were excelling at and wanted to continue. It is never easy to evaluate yourself, but everyone spoke up, vented, shared their ideas, visions and desires. The first thing they tackled was culture – what environment did they want to spend so much of their time in? What expectations should someone coming in as a new hire have? Together, they set out to create a positive work culture based on respect, integrity, and accountability. The dedication of team members like Dr. Sydney Friedman, who carried the hospital single-handedly, and the Surgical Lead who battled cancer with unwavering commitment, propelled the team forward.

Building a Strong Team

Strategic hiring played a pivotal role in the team’s success. Christine Gordon, the Practice Manager, began to fully utilize the Talent Acquisition team at Encore to help them find the right Medical Director. They found the perfect fit in Dr. Kantor, who brought a calming presence and aligned with their future goals. Soon after, Dr. Dawn Fiedorczyk (who had been helping out as a relief vet) joined as a staff doctor, enhancing the team’s medical expertise and client education. Hiring efforts extended to support staff, allowing them to hire the most spectacular technicians and CSRs to add to their core rockstars.

Partnerships with experts like Kate Tansey and Sabrina Impellitteri, as well as collaborations with their local VEG provided invaluable guidance and resources. Using these collaborative relationships to guide them, Christine and Adrian (Hoboken’s Pharmacy Manager) were able to implement PetDesk, accomplish a PIMS conversion, added an online pharmacy, and did a website overhaul. Kate Tansey provided some great perspective when she visited, and was able to help clean up their surgical processes. They also started using many of the training materials that Encore offers, including training courses through the Encore Performance Academy and VetSupport training materials. Teaming up with their local VEG fostered a relationship where Hoboken Vets had outside perspective and resources when they need it, including individuals to help train technicians and even some new hires for part-time hours!

Resilience and Celebration

The journey hasn’t been easy, but the team’s spirit remains undeterred. They embrace each challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. Celebrating even the smallest victories has strengthened their bond and nurtured trust among team members. The tunnel they once faced is now illuminated by the light of their collective achievements.

Hoboken’s veterinary team has emerged victorious, turning challenges into stepping stones towards success. Through a united effort, they have created an inspiring work culture, hired exceptional talent, and celebrated every win along the way. Their transformation serves as a shining example of resilience and teamwork, leaving us eager to witness the next chapter of their remarkable journey.

From the words of Christine Gordon, Hoboken Vets’ Practice Manager… “Celebrating all of our little moments has helped extend the level of trust we have in each other and has only strengthened our resolve to succeed together as a team. Seeing all our hard work and dedication start to come to fruition is indescribable. I still don’t believe it sometimes. I am in complete awe of what the team has been able to accomplish. I cannot wait to see where we are in this journey next year!”