Passions Beyond the Clinic

Dr. Greco’s Adventures in the Sky

At Encore Vet Group, we understand that veterinarians are more than their profession—they are multi-faceted individuals with diverse interests and passions. We are excited to spotlight Dr. Greco from West Chelsea Veterinary, whose love for aviation reaches new heights!

Dr. Greco’s fascination with commercial aviation began in his childhood. “Ever since I was a little kid, commercial aviation was always fascinating to me. I loved going to the airport and getting on these massive marvels of physics that would whisk hundreds of people through the sky. The roar and power of the jet engines still gets me every time I’m on a commercial flight,” he shares.

This early interest led Dr. Greco to pursue aviation actively. “I loved airplanes so much, that at the age of 15, my Dad took me to our local airport in CT for an introductory flight. After that, I was hooked and immediately began training for my private pilot’s license. I spent my afternoons, during my high school years, in a small Cessna 152 flying over CT and around New England. I remember doing my first solo flight even before I got my car driver’s license! I earned my private pilot license during my senior year of high school and my passion for aviation has only grown since then. I often joke that I’m an aviation geek. My favorite airliner is the Boeing 757-200, which first hit the skies in the early 80s and are still flying today. They are about the same age as me!”

Dr. Greco’s dedication to veterinary medicine is equally inspiring. “I feel very fortunate to have two great passions in my life. Aviation and being a veterinarian. I’m grateful to be a leader of West Chelsea Vet and able to practice veterinary medicine in the greatest city in the world, NYC. I’m also grateful to have aviation as something that makes me feel like a kid again!

Dr. Greco’s story is a reminder that veterinarians, like all of us, are whole human beings who have rich, fulfilling lives outside of the profession. By supporting and celebrating these passions, we acknowledge the importance of work-life balance and the unique qualities that each veterinarian brings to their practice.