New Emergency Medicine Certification Program Spearheaded by Dr. Christine Klippen of Friendship Hospital for Animals


Dr. Christine Klippen, emergency veterinarian at Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington D.C., is no stranger to emergency medicine. Having dedicated most of her veterinary career to the fast-paced discipline, she understands finding one’s way through this path can be anything but quick. 

In 2015, Dr. Klippen joined Friendship, one of the largest and most progressive multi-specialty hospitals in the country. With services spanning 14 different disciplines – including oncology, cardiology, and behavior, to name a few – the Emergency & Critical Care department is the only one that operates 24 hours a day. With nearly 20 full-time doctors, including six board-certified Criticalists, Friendship’s ECC service provides advanced monitoring, on-site diagnostics, transfusion therapy, mechanical ventilation, and oxygen therapy. 

Yet, despite this ability to practice high-quality, sophisticated medicine, the veterinary industry is facing an ER crisis. “Veterinarians are leaving emergency medicine at an astonishing rate,” says Klippen “Research indicates the current shortage of veterinarians – across all disciplines of veterinary medicine – is expected to climb exponentially over the next decade.”  For emergency medicine, lack of mentorship and an unclear career trajectory are partly to blame.

“When it comes to emergency medicine, there is a lot we can’t control. The caseload will be unpredictable, hours may be long, and some cases stay with you long after your shift. But that doesn’t mean we can’t support ER veterinarians in a way that provides career fulfillment and direction.”

Dr. Klippen, who is a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, is using her experience and expertise to lay the groundwork for future generations of emergency veterinarians with the help of the new American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) Emergency Practice Fellowship. Designed to provide recognition and career development in emergency medicine, the fellowship will further efforts to develop critical skills, knowledge, and medical advancement in emergency veterinary practice. “We understand that success in this field can be greatly attributed to supporting our colleagues with opportunities for growth and enveloping them in a network that not only applauds their goals, but helps carve a path to reach them”, says Dr. Klippen. “The ABVP is committed to recognizing and advancing excellence in specialized veterinary medicine, and this program will provide new graduates and seasoned veterinarians with a dedicated, supportive, collaborative path to a career in ER medicine.”

The establishment of the ABVP fellowship program will create opportunities for Encore veterinarians to achieve acknowledgment in this specialized field. Helping veterinarians build on their experiences and education while developing their abilities aligns with Encore’s people-first approach to personal and professional development.

Updates and information on the Emergency Practice Fellowship can be found on the ABVP website and Facebook page.