My Encore: Ayla Blyther Shares her Passion for Social Media


When I applied for a Rutland Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Center position, I almost didn’t get the job. Not because I wasn’t qualified, but because my resume showed I bounced from job, to job, to job. Eight months was the longest I’d stayed in one place, and that was by sheer stubbornness. They took a chance on me regardless, and I’ll be forever grateful that they did.

In May of 2019, I accepted a position as a Customer Service Representative. My experience has always been that a position of that sort tends to be a dead-end road, with little to no growth opportunities. Right from the beginning, RVCSC & Encore proved me wrong. It was mind-boggling to me that all employees are offered a stipend for continuing education, from management down to kennel technicians, no one was exempt. I made sure to start utilizing this job perk immediately.

Shortly after starting, I was given my first big opportunity for change. The woman who had been in charge of our social media was leaving, and based on my prior experiences, I was offered the option to take over. When I agreed to begin handling our social media accounts, I made sure they knew that my past experiences, while helpful, were not quite the same as what they were asking me to do. That didn’t matter; they believed in me.

Things never stay the same for long around here – what started as simply making a few Facebook posts a week turned into managing our social media accounts almost entirely on my own. Then, Encore Vet Group reached out to me – they had seen my posts and wanted me to help make content for all their other clinics to use!

My journey with RVCSC & Encore Vet Group has been a wonderful one. Every day brings something new, and I know that all my hard work is recognized and appreciated. I’ve now been here almost two years, and I haven’t thought once about leaving. The people are incredible, the work is important and stimulating, and I get to learn something new every day.

For someone who thrives on new experiences, it’s comforting to know that all I have to do is ask if I want to try something. Encore encourages us to pursue our passions and does their best to ensure that we have all the necessary resources. It’s a beautiful thing to work for a company that believes in you and encourages you to believe in yourself.


Ayla Blyther

Customer Service Representative 

Rutland Veterinary Clinic & Surgical Center

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