Encore’s Commitment to Community Cleanup

In partnership with Sustainable Saratoga, Encore Vet Group spent the morning of Earth Day cleaning the areas around several major retailers in Saratoga Springs, NY.

“This is our second year collaborating as a team to clean up our local community in an effort to reduce the impact of litter in our green space,” said Jennie Politano, the event organizer from Encore Vet Group. “It’s a simple thing that anyone can participate in, regardless of where they are, because chronic littering is still an issue in many communities.”

With 20 local team members, and 23 remote participants,  gearing up to clean up, we hope to encourage others to help keep our planet clean regardless of the time of year.

In addition to grassroots efforts around community cleanup, Encore committed to over $35,000 in energy-efficient lighting upgrades to our hospitals in 2021. The primary advantage that LED lights have over traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights is how little energy they use, by comparison, using an average of 50% less electricity.  In addition, they tend to last 10x longer, reducing the frequency of changing bulbs, further creating less waste.

Encore Vet Group is dedicated to great culture, strong leadership, high-quality medicine, and giving back to our communities.

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