Encore Vet Group Issues Tuition Reimbursement for 5 Veterinary Technicians

Encore Vet Group is on a mission to help Veterinary Assistants complete their degrees to become Credentialed Veterinary Technicians. This year, we issued five team members reimbursements towards their tuition. Our Veterinary Technician Tuition Reimbursement Program allows veterinary assistants the opportunity to choose a school of their choice, either on-campus or online, while continuing to work in their practices. Working while attending school allows for better mentorship ‘in the moment’ while immediately applying their new skills. This year, Encore Vet Group offered one full-tuition reimbursement and five reimbursements of 70% of tuition. Congratulations to these incredibly talented and hard-working Veterinary Technicians!

Nicole Wright
Mint Hill Animal Hospital, Mint Hill, NC

Clara Whichard & Blair Childress
Animal Care East, Winterville, NC

Sheridan Hathaway & Christian Vazquez
Coral Springs Animal Hospital, Coral Springs, FL

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