Encore Vet Group Gives Back in Fashion with Trivia Game

Encore Vet Group is on a mission to create and get involved in programs that benefit the health and wellbeing of our communities, people, and pets. We recently hosted an “Encore Gives Back Social” event where our home office team members could pick from one of four charities for Encore to donate $10 to on their behalf. We played trivia, which was based on the different decades. We tested our knowledge of popular dances from the ’60s to what Rachel’s last name is on the TV show Friends. (It’s Rachel Green!)

We invited everyone to dress up to the theme of their favorite decade to make it a little more interesting. Dr. Leslie MacLean honored the ’80s with a side ponytail and neon colors, while Tracy Sears paid tribute to the early 2000s with a hair pouf and very large earnings.

The winning team got to choose where to donate $200 towards so the competition grew fierce towards the end with everyone’s eyes on the prize. Overall, our team contributed $450 to the American Cancer Society, ASPCA, Sustainable Saratoga, and Not One More Vet, the winning team’s choice! Team “Lift It” came in first place; however, we feel these four charities deserve the real spotlight. The Encore Vet Group team had a blast giving back on a Friday afternoon, and we look forward to more events throughout the year.

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