Celebrating Customer Service Representatives & Administrative Professionals!

On April 27th we are celebrating our Customer Service Representatives and Administrative Professionals. Veterinary Receptionists are the face of our practices. They provide excellent service to clients and are an essential part of the team. They help pet owners and pets feel calm about being at the practice, making the experience easier for everyone! We reached out to some of our most tenured CSR’s to ask them about their careers.

Shellie Stieben has worked at Country Squire Animal Hospital since 1993. She loves her team and feels like they are her second family.

“My favorite memory is when I got the job! My mom said she always knew I would be happiest working with animals, and she was right. My first day was great, and I couldn’t wait to go back. In order to love your job, you have to enjoy the people around you, and I certainly do!”

Maureen “Mo” Lovett has worked at Rutland Veterinary Clinic and Surgical Center since 1998. She loves being there for her clients and educating them on the best care for their animals. One of her fondest memories working there was during Hurricane Irene in 2011.

“I was evacuated by City Police with my 2 dogs, cat and parrot. The dam above my house was letting go. I arrived at 6 am to find Dr. Macpherson staffing the clinic by himself. Many main roads were gone. Some employees made it in, but others couldn’t. Dr. Macpherson turned our clinic into an emergency center to drop off medical supplies, food for people and animals, bedding, money, and propane tanks. The outpouring of our clients and strangers was overwhelming. The community all came together, and the part that Rutland Vet Clinic & Surgical Center played in this made me so proud to be a part of it.”

Moving south to Pet Care Veterinary Hospital in Virginia Beach, Carol Wecht has been a Veterinary CSR since 95′. She loves her family at the hospital and has enjoyed learning new technology over the years. Her favorite memory is when the veterinarians started the Carol Wecht Angel Fund to help pets in need in honor of her 15-year anniversary. We asked Carol what it was like at the hospital when she started.

“We had three doctors, three computers, and all the charts were handwritten. I had a HUGE appointment book which I loved. Before we left work each day, all charts for the next day had to be pulled, and all the charts for patients seen that day had to be filed. Now we have seven doctors, thirty computers, the appointments are booked by computers and the owner/patient charts are all computerized.”

Shellie, Mo, and Carol all stated how they love helping their clients and educating them on the medical needs their pets may experience. These three valuable team members have contributed to the lives of countless clients and pets and have had an enjoyable careers over the years. Our CSR’s are professionals dedicated to educating and comforting their guests. They build great relationships with clients who trust they are in good hands.

Happy Customer Service Representative and Administrative Professionals Day to all of our great team members!