Encore Vet Group Celebrates Black History Month 

February is Black History Month and Encore Vet Group joins in celebrating the accomplishments of those who helped shape this country and our profession. The diligent work accomplished by black veterinarians in improving animal health has been critical to advancing the veterinary profession. We wanted to share a little about some past, present and future trailblazers to honor their achievements. 

Dr. Augustus Lushington became the first African- American to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. 

Born in Trinidad in 1869, Dr. Lushington moved to New York in 1889 for agriculture and pre-medicine studies. He earned his DVM degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1897. Afterward, he established a veterinary practice in Pennsylvania. Two years later, he began teaching at Bell Mead Industrial and Agricultural College in Rock Castle, Va., where he later opened another veterinary practice treating primarily farm animals. 

Dr. Frederick Douglass Patterson founded the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine. 

Named after the famed journalist and anti-slavery leader, Dr. Patterson was born in 1901 and was raised by his older sister after being orphaned at age two. Overcoming hardship, he went on to attend Iowa State College, where in 1923, he earned his DVM. His academic career also included earning a Master of Science from Iowa State and a second doctorate degree from Cornell University. Dr. Patterson began teaching at Tuskegee University in 1928 and in 1944 he founded the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine, which to this day has graduated an estimated 75% of African American veterinarians. Among his many accomplishments was the founding of the United Negro College Fund, which today remains a major financial supporter of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In 1987, Dr. Patterson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Ronald Reagan. Dr. Patterson has an extensive list of accomplishments in his life. 


Dr. Vicki Myers, our Director of Medical Success, is a proud Tuskegee Veterinary School Alumni.

Dr. Vicki Myers was born and raised in Queens, NY. She knew at a very early age her passion for animals and dedication to their care. She received her Bachelors in Animal Science from Cornell University and then received her DVM from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. Vicki worked for 17 years at a humane organization providing high-quality care to underserved communities. There, she began her multi-unit leadership journey and held several roles, training direct reports and interns on HQHVSN techniques, and coaching and mentoring DVMs at both the brick-and-mortar and mobile veterinary clinics. In her role at Encore Vet Group, Dr. Myers empowers and advocates for strong medical leadership and fosters leadership development through our Medical Advisory Council, Medical Directors, and veterinarians throughout our community. A focus dear to her heart is equity, inclusion, and diversity and creating a pipeline in the communities and within the veterinary schools. 



At Encore Vet Group we are committed to a continuous diversity and inclusion journey. We embrace and support our veterinary community where you can see yourself, be yourself, and grow to become your best self.