All Creatures Amelia. All In!

Amelia is Focused on a Modern Approach

In January 2023, a Leadership Success Coach partnered with the All Creatures Amelia leadership team to complete a needs analysis.  This needs analysis gave the leadership team direction for where they want to be in the future and sparked so much inspiration and determination!

All Creatures Amelia’s goal is to become more client-focused and engage with the community. They asked staff members if they had a passion for social media and added a social media team who heads up all of their events, Facebook page, TikTok and Instagram! They have also begun a practice face-lift so that it feels more like home – beginning with the lobby.

Their social media engagement has skyrocketed with the new social media team and their ideas to take patient photos with an adorable ‘My Veterinary Visit’ board, give certificates to patients for being brave or giving the best cuddles, and hosting events like a recent Easter Egg Hunt for dogs!


Practice leadership has been encouraging each team member to take ownership of themselves and the practice. In return, they get buy in the from the team, leading to:

  • Working towards their AAHA Accreditation!
  • Increased # of new clients & patients!
  • Improved morale!

These changes have been so rewarding for practice manager, Tracy Koger, who has been at the practice for 9 years. The team as a whole feels like their quality of care has improved because they have improved their culture. The team feels they have work-life balance, morale has improved, they listen to each other more, and they laugh A LOT! 😀