We Come in Pods ✌

Pod Meetings Kick Off for the Year

Our first three in-person Pod meetings have kicked the year off to a great start! The meetings were filled with excitement and everyone left feeling motivated and energized for the future!

First on the agenda was reviewing each practice’s State of My Union, which is an excellent way to set a good foundation for each Pod member to learn about each other and discuss opportunities amongst the group! Tina Provost, founder and owner of Pep! Consulting Partners, was their guest speaker. She discussed ways to help streamline workflow and introduced Lean Six Sigma for the 1st time to many attendees!


Meeting Highlights:

  • Many were introduced to Encore’s Preventive Care Protocols Playbook!
  • A discussion about retail and pharmacy competition led to scheduling more training. This is a great example of how sharing the needs and concerns of our practices can lead to thoughtful solutions from inside our community.
  • Many attendees were excited about Lean Six Sigma as a way to help improve efficiency within their practice! Some were even interested in becoming certified in the program.