Empowering the Next Generation

How Our Teams Are Sparking Passion for the Future of Veterinary Medicine

In this profession, mentorship and hands-on experience can make all the difference. Our veterinary hospitals are stepping up to inspire and guide the next generation of veterinary professionals! From job shadowing to elementary school educational sessions, these teams are not only serving their communities but also shaping the future of veterinary medicine.

Grace Animal Hospital in Lexington, SC

Veterinary Assistants and middle schoolers high-fiving at Grace Animal Hospital

Grace Animal Hospital started February by hosting a group of middle school students for a day of job shadowing. Led by their dedicated veterinary assistant team, these students got a firsthand look at the daily operations of the hospital. The experience wasn’t just educational—it was transformative. One middle schooler summed it up as “the best day ever!” Grace Animal Hospital understands the importance of engaging with the community and is proud to play a role in shaping the future of veterinary medicine through mentorship.

Kelly Veterinary Clinic in Adrian, MI

Team members from Kelly Veterinary Clinic showing students x-ray images

Kelly Veterinary Clinic followed suit by participating in a local Elementary School Career Fair. Dr. McQuade and Veterinary Assistant, Lacy, took the opportunity to educate students about the exciting world of veterinary medicine. With the help of 2 adorable doggos, Cavanaugh and Bracken, they conducted hands-on demonstrations. The elementary students were very intrigued! From x-ray images to pet exams, the clinic showcased the diverse and rewarding aspects of working in the animal care field. It was a fantastic opportunity to ignite passion and curiosity about careers in veterinary medicine.


Team members from West Suburban Animal Hospital with a girl scout troopWest Suburban Animal Hospital in Toledo, OH

Meanwhile, West Suburban Animal Hospital took a proactive approach to education. They hosted a special session on Dog Safety and Bite Prevention for a local Girl Scout troop. By sharing valuable insights and tips, they empowered these young scouts with the knowledge to ensure their safety around pets. The hospital understands that education is key to fostering a deeper understanding and respect for animals, and they are proud to have made a positive impact on these young minds!

Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills in Powell, OH

Team members from Shawnee Hills Animal Hospital with a girl scout troopAnimal Hospital of Shawnee Hills rounded out the inspiring efforts by hosting a local Girl Scout troop after hours to help them earn their Pet Badge. With the guidance of veterinary student Sarah, the scouts learned firsthand about the responsibilities involved in pet care. From conducting exams to listening to a patient’s heartbeat, the experience was both educational and memorable. By opening their doors to these aspiring young minds, Animal Hospital of Shawnee Hills exemplified their commitment to nurturing the next generation of veterinary professionals.


Our veterinary hospitals are more than just places of healing for animals. They are beacons of inspiration for the future of the profession. Through mentorship, education, and hands-on experiences, they are empowering the next generation to pursue their passions and make a positive impact in the world of veterinary medicine. The future of veterinary medicine looks brighter than ever.