Our Veterinarian’s Are Podcasting!

In the digital age, sharing knowledge has never been easier or more accessible. We’re thrilled to highlight some of our amazing veterinarians who are making waves in the podcasting world. They are not only providing top-notch care in their clinics but also spreading their wisdom and humor through podcasts!

🎙️ Feces and Laughter: The Animal Care of Greenville Team

Hosted by the talented team at The Animal Care of Greenville, “Feces and Laughter is a delightful blend of humor and pet care advice. Their recent Q&A episode featuring all their veterinarians was a huge hit, offering both insightful answers and plenty of laughs. It’s a fantastic way for pet owners to get valuable advice while enjoying a good chuckle.

🎙️ Hiss and Tell: Featuring Dr. Gina Rendon and Dr. Lee Nancarrow

Dr. Gina Rendon from Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Lee Nancarrow from Erlanger Veterinary Hospital recently shared their expertise on the “Hiss and Tell” podcast. They discussed important topics such as cat diets, nutrition, and raw food diets.

🎙️ The Cairn Podcast: Dr. Tim Loonam’s Insightful Contributions

Dr. Tim Loonam from Grace Animal Hospital is a frequent guest on “The Cairn Podcast: Marking the Trail for Veterinarians.” This podcast is a centralized resource for veterinary interests, education, and personal development. Dr. Loonam’s episodes cover a range of topics, including leadership, building resiliency, and entrepreneurship.

We are so excited about how our veterinarians are reaching beyond the exam room to educate and connect with their communities! Podcasts are a powerful platform for sharing knowledge, sparking discussions, and making veterinary care more approachable and engaging.

So, whether you’re looking for practical pet care tips, in-depth discussions on feline nutrition, or inspiring talks on veterinary leadership, our veterinarians have got you covered. Tune in to their podcast episodes and learn something new today! 🐾💡