Introducing Veterinarian’s Week

We at Encore Vet Group are thrilled to announce a new tradition that holds a special place in our hearts and, we hope, will in yours too. Mark your calendars, because from this year forward, the third full week of May will be celebrated as Veterinarian’s Week!

This year, we are celebrating Veterinarian’s Week from May 19th – 25th!

This decision stems from our admiration and respect for the invaluable contributions of veterinarians to the well-being of animals and the communities they serve. Veterinary medicine can be a tough and often thankless profession. It is so important to us that our veterinarians know how much we value them and their work each and every day. Veterinarians are not merely professionals in their field; they are compassionate caregivers, healers, educators, and advocates for the welfare of animals everywhere.

Veterinarian’s Week will serve as an annual celebration and recognition of the remarkable efforts and achievements of the veterinarians within Encore, along with veterinarians everywhere! We want to express our gratitude and appreciation for their commitment to providing exceptional care to every furry, feathered, or scaly patient that enters our clinics.

During Veterinarian’s Week, we will highlight stories, accomplishments, and milestones of our veterinarians. We will showcase their dedication to advancing veterinary medicine, their compassion for animals, and their tireless efforts to ensure the health and happiness of beloved pets within their communities.

While we will continue to celebrate our veterinarians each and every day, as we embark on this new journey of celebrating their efforts during Veterinarian’s Week, we invite everyone, from our very own dedicated team members to our friends in the veterinary community, to join us in honoring and appreciating the incredible work of veterinarians everywhere.

Together, let us celebrate the extraordinary individuals who dedicate their lives to caring for our cherished animal companions. Happy Veterinarian’s Week!