From Veterinary Assistant to Practice Manager

Connor Menges’ Journey at Hollin Hall


We are proud to celebrate Connor Menges, the Practice Manager at Hollin Hall Animal Hospital, who has been making significant contributions to the team since his return to the practice in 2019. Connor started working as a Veterinary Assistant at Hollin Hall in early 2013 but had to move out of the area in late 2014. Fortunately for the Hollin Hall team, he returned in 2019 and resumed his position as a Veterinary Assistant.

Hollin Hall Animal Hospital partnered with Encore in late 2021, and soon after, the prior owner retired, leaving Connor to step up and take over many practice management duties in July 2022. By August 2022, he was promoted to Associate Practice Manager while he honed his skills and continued learning the new role. In early 2023, he was officially named the Practice Manager of Hollin Hall Animal Hospital!

Connor was able to transition to his new role with the help of his dedicated staff. In his eyes, one of the biggest challenges was learning to be a leader for his staff rather than a peer. With encouragement from his team and time understanding the role, he has felt comfortable in it and knows that it is something he can do well. Along with his fellow team members at Hollin Hall, he attributes his success in this role to the support of the Encore team, especially Rob Paisley, who has been his mentor throughout the past year.

Connor also took advantage of the “Practice Manager Bootcamp” and other training resources provided by Encore, like EPA training in Paylocity, which have been invaluable in honing his skills. He will be attending Influential Leadership in June! His dedication to inventory management and streamlining staff has helped Hollin Hall weather the challenges of the pandemic and a reduction in DVMs.

But as Connor notes, he couldn’t have done it without his staff. Their enthusiasm and support gave him the boost he needed to success in his new role. Hollin Hall is in good hands! We are excited to see what he will continue to accomplish as Practice Manager at Hollin Hall Animal Hospital!