Encore Vet Group Cleans Up Saratoga on Earth Day

In partnership with Sustainable Saratoga, Encore Vet Group spent the morning of Earth Day cleaning the areas around Lowe’s and Walmart in Saratoga Springs.

“I’ve noticed more trash than ever before with the addition of face masks and gloves being tossed in the streets over the last year,” said Jennie Politano, the event organizer from Encore Vet Group. “We wanted to do something to give back to our community on Earth Day and reduce the impact of litter on the environment. We hope this raises awareness of the chronic littering issues of our community.”

With 20 local team members showing up in the snowy spring weather, we hope to encourage others to help keep our planet clean. “We support veterinary practices across the country in their efforts to be sustainable and give back to their communities. This was our chance to walk the walk and contribute to our own community here in Saratoga. We are eager to do more throughout the year.” said John Kempf, Chief Financial Officer.

In 2020, the Climate Reality Project in our Capital Region participated in a litter clean-up. Here are some of their findings that Encore Vet Group hopes to bring more awareness to with this year’s event:

-91% of the findings were single-use items
-56% could have been recycled, most via curbside pickup
-61% were related to food consumption

Encore Vet Group is dedicated to great culture, strong leadership, high-quality medicine, and giving back to our communities.



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