Encore Vet Group Announces Acquisition of VetSupport

Expanding its Commitment to Growth and Support of its People, Practices, and the Profession.


Saratoga Springs, November 15, 2021: Encore Vet Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of VetSupport, a renowned veterinary consulting company that has helped hundreds of leaders across the country to reach their growth goals. With this acquisition, Encore has doubled-down on its commitment to growing leaders within its practices and being the most people-first organization in the space.

Encore entered the veterinary consolidation market in 2019 and currently owns 60 hospitals across the US. When the company started, one of the first initiatives undertaken by the team was building the Encore Performance Academy, the training platform designed to train and develop veterinary professionals.

Lance Sprinkle, President of Encore, says “our core purpose is to inspire the spirit and effectiveness of veterinary teams. Building the Encore Performance Academy was the first step, and with the addition of the team at VetSupport, we’re thrilled to take our training and support of our people to the next level.”

Brenda Tassava Medina, CVPM, CVJ, VLCEBrenda Tassava Medina, owner of VetSupport, says “my passion, and that of my team, has always been empowering veterinarians and their support teams through consulting, advising services, staff training, online education, and data-driven practice management. We couldn’t be happier to be joining the Encore family to bring this passion to more hospitals across the country. We’re thrilled to be aligning with such a passionate team who truly understands that a consultative approach to practice advancement is the best path to improvement in the profession at large.”

Encore recently named Kieran Mara the Chief Medical Advancement Officer, overseeing clinical advancement for Encore hospitals. “The vision I had for Medical Advancement is about growing and nurturing our clinical teams. Now, as Chief Medical Advancement Officer of Encore, I know that the continued training and support of our teams is absolutely pivotal to the growth and sustainability of our practices – especially as the shortage of veterinary graduates confluences with the demand for more, and better, care for pets. I’m so thrilled to have VetSupport working shoulder-to-shoulder with our practice leaders to help make this vision a reality as we continue to build a Medical Advancement Initiative that supports clinical teams.”

With the acquisition of VetSupport, their Encore Performance Academy and their commitment to clinical advancement, Encore has built a powerful trifecta not found anywhere else in the industry. Encore’s vision for being the destination of choice for passionate and dedicated veterinary professionals is truly coming into focus.

The team at Encore looks forward to helping Brenda and the VetSupport team reach more practices across the country over the coming months and years.