Carol Hurst, LVT, CVPM, CVJ, CCFP
Education and Training Leader

Carol is proud of her LVT roots, having obtained her credentialing in 2005 – straight out of high school. She understands the dynamics of practice leadership as she was thrust into a management role after being on the floor for 2 years – with very little preparation. It turned out that she loved affecting positive change within the practice and went on to manage for 12 years.

One of her passions is giving back to the veterinary community and she has done so by writing medical and leadership articles, and serving as Vice-President and then President of her local manager group.  One of her driving forces is helping others in leadership with all of the tips and tricks that she has learned along the way. This has played a big part in the various forms of credentialing she’s earned over the years.  It also led her to join the Patterson University team as an instructor for a time as well as co-owning her own company where she could exercise these skills before joining the VetSupport team full-time. She shares her home with her husband, her 3-legged Boxer – Tripp and her “fur-less” toddler, Rowyn.

Did You Know...

Carol and her husband are avid Pokemon Go! players - feel free to reach out with a friend request!