Zachary Calhoun
Level 1 Help Desk

Zach has been in the IT field since getting his bachelor’s in computer science at SUNY Albany. He is a mix of programmer/IT technician. His career experience started at Zones nFrastructure for two and a half years as a Microsoft 365 Support Engineer and an Azure Support Engineer.  He is passionate about being that guy anyone can ask about a computer-related issue and have the best answer for them.

In his role, Zach ensures that no matter what computer-related task is brought to him, he makes sure that the issue gets resolved with efficiency. He is involved with resolving issues including hardware and software.

Zach enjoys coding, gaming, and going out with friends on his free time. Zach also enjoys spending time with his two dogs, Jimmy and Ginger, and his cat, Chloe.

Did You Know...

Zach’s first ever job was helping his mom run the family boarding facility for pets including dogs, cats and even pigs.