Roger Redman, DVM
<span class="position">Partnership Development Specialist</span>

Roger Redman, DVM
Partnership Development Specialist

Roger was a practicing veterinarian for almost 30 years and the owner of two hospitals. He is the past president of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board and the 2019-2020 president of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards representing all of North America.

Roger assists the partnership development team in identifying partnership opportunities with great veterinarians that have great practices. As a DVM that partnered with Encore with his own practices, he’s uniquely qualified to understand and address the concerns of today’s busy practice owner.

Roger and his wife, Peg, have five children and seven grandchildren. They live in Ohio with their dog, Chloe. He enjoys fishing and boating in Florida as well as woodworking and wake surfing.

Did You Know...

Roger is a licensed pilot, despite not one, but two declared emergency landings during his solo flight training.