Mike Peteani
<span class="position">Director of Human Resources</span>

Mike Peteani
Senior Director of Human Resources

Chief Leadership Officer

Mike Peteani, SPHR, has worked in the HR field for the past 17 years supporting organizations in the retail, banking, and technology manufacturing industries. During his career, Mike has experienced a diverse array of organizational cultures and a broad set of HR functional responsibilities.

Mike leads the HR functions in support of Encore Vet Group’s partner hospitals. He believes in a customer service approach to HR that makes the lives of employees easy and their partnership with HR rewarding. To this end, Mike will focus upon continually refining and modernizing HR systems and solutions thereby helping to support the company’s growth and improve the employee experience.

Mike is married to Annmarie, his wife of 13 years, and they currently live in Saratoga with their three dogs: Charlie, Cabo, and Tyson. They also have three children: Ronnie, Erika, and Reid.

Did You Know...

My father named me after Michael Corleone from the Godfather movies. I spent my life thinking our family was Italian – given the last name. My bubble burst last year with the 23 and Me home kit. Turns out – only 4% Italian but 45% British and Irish!