Lisa and Benji

Lisa Maher
Talent Acquisition Partner

With over 5 years of experience in full cycle recruiting, Lisa’s dedication to growth, candidates and team allows her to build long-lasting relationships, and stay committed to pairing facilities and elite talent. When she made the move from the hospitality industry to the talent acquisition and HR side of business, she realized that having a combination of training made it very easy to lead with heart and kindness in her role.  She believes that everyone deserves to be happy and productive in the workplace, which then allows for a happy and healthy home life, and loves the gratification she gets from being a part of adding that to the lives around her.

In her role as a talent acquisitions partner, she will have direct impact in adding wellness to the culture in the hospitals she is assigned. She wants to continue to grow her career and knowledge of recruiting, while also bringing her background of sales and marketing to the surface.

In her free time, Lisa loves to golf, snowboard, and bring her pup, Benji, to her beloved second home in Lake George NY for adventures.

Did You Know...

Lisa has played the piccolo for 18 years.