Gretchen S headshot

Gretchen Sauer, CVPM, MBA, LSSGB
Leadership Success Coach

Motivating and accomplished MBA-educated executive with 23 years of veterinary industry experience, Gretchen Sauer’s background in operations and change management leads to intentional, focused business strategy. She is a proven leader who encourages innovation and imagination and in bringing a team of diverse members together to work toward a common goal. Focused on mentoring teams to pursue excellence, she employs project management skills and critical thinking from her Lean Six Sigma, Change Management, and Just Culture training. She has placed in powerlifting and body building competitions; focuses on whole food nutrition; and is shooting for a half-marathon in the near future. Her middle-aged, Chihuahua mix, Maria, runs the household, in case there was any doubt.

Did You Know...

Gretchen holds a Massage Therapy license and is a Reiki practitioner